Can Morel Mushrooms Pop Up Overnight? [VIDEO]
By angelamontana

Posted: March 29, 2016

Have you heard that morel mushrooms pop up overnight?  If so, Chris Matherly is claiming to debunk that “myth”.  In the time-lapse video below, the person who posted the footage claims the timeframe spans over 15 days, but there are a few things that don’t change in the video…which has some avid morel hunters skeptical.  Here are a few of the comments posted regarding the video:

Cool footage. Although Im firmly calling bluff on the 15 day peroid. By looking at the back and foreground, those little greenling plants would have tripled their size in that amount of time, and are you telling me that during that 15 day period…that the sun didnt shine once? Not a drop of rain? No night footage either? As a vodeographer, how and where did you find a battery/memory that lasted 15 whole days? I think this was taken over the coarse of one full day. Dont let me sound like a troll, I LOVED the footage…just dont believe for a second that this was a 15 day period.

Where is the light cycle change on these shrooms ? Also , I don’t think a lady bug would hang out on that shroom for 15 day’s . I’ve hunted for 35 years or more , and I go back to the same spots for 20 years and when they pop in these spots , I go back every other day and pick a 5 pound tater sack full in til the season ends or everyone is full . For fact …

I also feel they can pop up over a day or so. Our patch had some monsters two days after a rain. We combed it well for 6 hrs day prior to rain. Then baaaam 6″-8″ ones popped.

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