Bull Elk Drops Antlers within Seconds of Photograph Taken with Antlers!
By angelamontana

Posted: April 19, 2016

Justin Field, with Team Fate Outdoors, and his fiance are shed hunting animals. They find some beautiful drops out there.  How do they do it?  They put the time in to look for them!  The Team Fate Outdoors crew has come across some crazy things during their outdoor adventures, and this experience that Justin recently posted on Instagram was too awesome not to share.  Can you imagine??

Shortly after taking this picture of the bull I put my camera away. The wind swirled and the bull grew nervous. I visioned the antlers falling off his head. Thinking to myself how am I supposed to take those home if you won’t drop them for me? That’s when it happened. The bull turned and started to trot towards the tree line. I pulled up my binoculars to watch him go. As I did I saw a bull running with no antlers… WHAT??? There’s just no way that happened. All fired up I ran down the hill. Spotting the tip of a tine I about lost it. Frantically looking for the second antler which lay only another 15 feet away!


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