WMA’s Open For Shed Hunting at Noon on Sunday May 15
By Toby Trigger

Posted: May 14, 2016

For shed-antler hunters and other recreationists anxious for the opening of many of Montana’s Wildlife Management Areas, the wait is nearly over.

Many WMAs are open year around. Most of those that are not will re-open May 15 at noon. Two WMAs, Flathead Lake and North Shore, will remain closed until July 15 at noon.

It is illegal to enter a state WMA prior to its formal opening day.

Buck deer and bull elk and moose grow antlers each year, some to magnificent size, which drop off to re-grow each spring. Hunting for and collecting these “shed” antlers in spring has become a popular activity on more than 30 WMAs managed by Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks.

Many of Montana’s WMAs provide security to wintering wildlife during the most vulnerable time of the year. These WMAs are closed to public use following the end of the hunting season and do not reopen until mid-May.

In the past, some WMAs have opened at midnight, but current regulations require all WMAs statewide with winter closures to reopen at noon to help with consistency and public safety.

In addition to WMAs, any other public land that offers good wintering range for wildlife offers shed antler hunting opportunities. FWP wildlife managers say hunters who search for antlers where they plan to hunt in the fall can gather valuable information about the age and size of the animals in the area and their movement patterns. If that location is on private land, remember to get landowner permission prior to making an antler hunting trip.

(News Release by Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks)

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