How to Get a Hook Out of Your Finger
By rowdyrob

Posted: May 6, 2016

Whether it’s a small fly or a large treble hook, we’ve all been there.  Sitting there with a hook in our finger thinking “What the hell, now what do I do?”.  Below are some steps to follow if you get a hook stuck in your finger and how to get it out!


  1.  If the lure is still attached to a fish, kill immidiately or it will thrash around and not feel very good where you are hooked.
  2. Check to see if the barb is exposed or if it is deep in your finger.  If exposed, simply pull it out.  If it is deep, you will need to push it further in and have it come out of your skin to expose it.
  3. Once exposed, clip the hook below the barb then you’ll be able to remove the hook.
  4. Sanitize that wound and possible get a tetanus shot
  5. Go get a beer and lick your wounds!


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