Train to Hunt Event Sponsored by BHA
By angelamontana

Posted: May 27, 2016
The Train to Hunt event is a bowhunting based physically challenging event designed to simulate the challenges sportsmen encounter during bow season. This event will test your mettle and give you a gauge on where you stand physically before bow season is here. It will also tell you where you stand against your hunting buddies. Your endurance will be tested by packing heavy loads, shooting your bow in challenging situations with and without a loaded pack.
Here are the three challenges; for more details on these challenges click here
Event #1 Hunters 3D Course- 100 points possible
-This event is designed to test your shooting ability in a variety of hunting situations. It is not a timed event.
-Competitors do not have to pack weight during this event.
-Competitors are allowed to use any form of release, and any length of stabilizer. They must use this set up for all three events.
Event #2 Meat Pack- 100 points possible
-This event is designed to test your ability to move over various terrain with weight in your pack. It is a timed event
-1 to 2 mile course depending on available area, and terrain difficulty.
-4 to 10 competitors/teams (depending on the total number of competitors) will be in each heat
Event #3 Challenge Course- 200 points possible
-Competitors MUST USE THE SAME BOW, RELEASE, STABILIZER AND SITE as they used in the Hunters 3D course.
-1 to 2 mile course depending on area available and terrain difficulty.
-3 to 4 teams/individuals will be in each heat
-You will be assigned a heat after the Meat Pack results come out.
All men will pack 20# sandbags in a pack through the course
All women will pack 10# sandbags in a pack through the course
Are you the toughest?!?!?!? Sign up and find out while giving back to public lands and waters conservation, all proceeds from this event go to BHA and help us fight for our wild public lands and waters!
I hope to see you there!!
P.S. If you are not able to compete but want to be involved there will be volunteer opportunities both Saturday and Sunday. Volunteers get a free entry fee to any Train To Hunt Challenge thru the 2017 race season. Contact me if you are interested!
(Release via Backcountry Hunters & Anglers)
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