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Bozeman/Butte Recreation Report by Bob Ward’s Sports & Outdoors 6.3.16
By angelamontana

Posted: June 3, 2016

Bozeman Fishing Report


Visibility has been about a foot below the Taylor’s Fork and fishing has been fair at best, with flows reaching 2,300 CFS so fish your nymphs heavy. Visibility above the taylors fork is much better, bringing better Nymphing with it. Dry fly fishing hasn’t picked up in the upper reaches of the Gallatin yet, but this should increase as the weather warms up.


Hares Ear

Pats Stone

Copper bob-blue, red



Parachute Adams.


Purple Haze\



Wooly Bugger-Black, Olive



Upper Madison

Water clarity has really increased this week, with around 2 feet of visibility on the Upper Madison. Caddis are moving so any emerger pattern in Olive or green should be the ticket. Black and Olive streamers have been working as well.

Dries-DCD Emerger-olive

Para BWO




Green Rock Worm

Copper bob-Red

Lightning bug-silver, purple

Bead Head Hares ear

Prince Harry




Circus Peanut-Olive, Black/Red


Wooly bugger-Olive, Black

Conehead JJ Special


Lower Madison

Flows Have leveled out, and fishing has improved drastically. Fish have been rising for caddis and march browns, as well as crayfish, worms, and large black stones for nymphs. Streamers have been working well In the beartrap canyon area as well.


X Caddis- Brown, olive.

Elk hair caddis- olive, brown

Elk hair sally



Pats stone- Black/Olive, Olive/Black/Olive


Beadhead pearl power worm-Pink, purple

Lightning bug-silver, pearl


Articulated sculpin

Montana Mouthwash

Conehead Wooly bugger-Brown, Olive Black


The river is still dirty, But big black stones and Black streamers along the banks and drop offs can prove productive.


Pats stone- Black/olive

WMD Stone-black

Kaumans stone-blacl




Circus Peanut-Black


Montana Mouthwash-Black/red

Butte Fishing Report:

Warmer weather and less rain has most waterways clearing up and hatches are starting to happen.

The Big Hole is fishing fair to large streamers and a few caddis are beginning to appear as well. San Juan droppers or beaded stone fly nymphs are seeing some action as well.

The Beaverhead is showing activity for sinking rigs this past week. Small lightning bugs and San Juans are yielding brown trout.

The Jefferson River is running high presently however some caddis and mayfly hatches are bringing the fisherman out.

All rivers and reservoirs are fishing fair to bait rigs or crank baits. Nightcrawlers and marshmallows or Power Bait are good choices.






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