PCC Not PC (with Colonel Smoothbore)
By angelamontana

Posted: June 26, 2016

storm 2Many people use a handgun as their primary home self-defense tool and these guns are very effective. There also are other krisschoices available. Shotguns and rifles are options and often may be more useful tools when one is defending one’s home and family.

If you are thinking of a long gun for home defense, I suggest you look at carbines. They are shorter and handier than rifles and most shotguns. One set of carbines that lend themselves to home defense are those chambered in pistol cartridges. The pistol cartridge carbine (PCC) takes many forms; here are a few.

Fistag 9mmrst off the MSRs; particularly the AR-15 style rifles. Several manufacturers are now marketing PCCs, especially those chambered in 9 MM. These guns are great for folks that are recoil sensitive as the perceived “kick” isn’t much more than a .22 Long rifle. And ammunition costs are much lower than a .223/5.56 gun.

berettastoromOther PCCs include the Kel Tec Sub-2000 available in 9MM and .40 S&W, cost around 500 bucks. A keltecreally neat PCC is the Taurus CT9. This gun is currently out of production, but with a little searching one can find this handy little carbine for around $750.00. The Beretta CX-4 Storm is chambered in several pistol calibers including the venerable .45 ACP. Most of the PCCs use pistol magazines and several are capable of using various mags from a variety of manufacturers. Options like this lets the user pick the needed number of rounds and greatly reduces mag costs.

mechtech1There is another great option for a PCC. The MechTech CCU (http://www.mechtechsys.com/) is a modular system for specific handguns. This ingenious system makes it possible to convert your Glock, XD, or 1911 handgun to a carbine. Just mechtech2take the lower or frame section of one of these pistols, install it on the MechTech upper and bingo, you have a PCC. Each upper is gun specific, in other words, you must purchase the upper designed specifically for your pistol. You won’t have to buy any more magazines, your ammunition is the same, and you may see some increased performance from you self-ct9defense loads. Cost of the MechTech is around $ 450.00 depending on the model needed.

There are a lot of pluses with a PCC. Lower ammunition cost, less recoil and noise, and a long gun that usually provides better accuracy and performance over a handgun. I’m not yet ready to ditch my pistols, but I am considering a MechTech to mount my 1911 on. PCCs are another option for self-defense needs; I suggest you look into them.

Be safe and good shooting.

Colonel Smoothbore


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