No Sweat (by Montana Grant)
By angelamontana

Posted: July 4, 2016

When you are Hot, you’re Hot! Summer is about longer days, more sun, more humidity, and more heat. Some folks like it hot while others prefer winter.

Most residents of Montana live in homes with no air conditioners. There is a time of about 2 weeks in July when things get dry and hot. This makes the tough high plains pioneers start thinking about buying an AC, then it snows! Most north-central Americans find that a fan works just fine. Back East it is AC all the way! I am not sure how we survived without it as kids.

Humidity is the real challenge for many. Dry heat means that perspiration quickly evaporates to try and keep your body cooler. High humidity means sweating like a pig! In either extreme, human energy is low and tempers can flare.

The first rule of surviving the heat is to HYDRATE!!!! Water is a must to maintain our necessary fluid level in our fragile bodies. Everyone has different needs but it is better to have a drink in hand than needing one.

Wet wading when fishing is a comfortable way to enjoy hot fishing. Wearing long pants and cleated wading boots works great. There are many quick dry synthetic fabrics available that protect you from sun, bugs, briars, and branches while remaining lite and comfortable. Earth tone colors are best to maintain some stealth.

Wearing a wet bandanna around your neck or under your hat helps. Refresh them often. Dipping your hat in the cool water not only helps you beat the heat but helps to give your headgear a worn and experienced look. A spray mist bottle in the boat or gear will also be refreshing. This can also be mixed with natural bug repellents and oils.

Sunscreens and moisturizers work well but keep them off your fly and fishing lines. The oil based, chemicals in these products can damage your line.
Plan your outdoor events accordingly. Fish the shady side of the watersheds and ponds. The fish will be there as well. Action is often best earlier and later during the day. Critters will also be found along the cool bottoms and shady ridgelines.

Freezing water bottles ahead of time will supply you with a cool drink as the ice slowly melts. Sports drinks, such as Propel, contain electrolytes and vitamins to keep you hydrated and cramp free.
Now, the coffee drinkers and Boozers will hate the fact that consuming these liquids will promote dehydration. That means you will get thirstier and prone to heat stroke. Keeping your smarter fluid levels up will help you to be adventure sharp and ready when outdoors. Sadly, many outdoor Warriors drown, become hypothermic, or injure themselves when making dumb and drunk, dehydrated choices.

Stay wet, cool, and comfortable outdoors!

Montana Grant
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