North Carolina Teen Catches North Carolina and World Record Catfish
By rowdyrob

Posted: July 19, 2016

On June 11th, Landon Evans of North Carolina caught a 117.5 pound blue catfish from his family dock on Lake Gaston.  The fish will most likely receive three different blue catfish records.  The records will include the North Carolina record, the International Game and Fish Association world record for a junior angler and the IGFA world record for the 30-pound line class.  Landon is 15 years old and hooked the monster fish at night and had to call his mother and father to help him land the fish.  His mother netted the tail while his father netted it’s head.  Landon’s rod snapped, but his parents had it firmly netted and with all of them pulling on the nets along with grabbing the fish by the belly, they managed to flop it onto the dock.


It seemed like the biggest challenge was over, but the Evans’ had another challenge they had to face.  Finding a certified scale and a biologist to weigh and verify the fish species proved to be very hard as it took two days several phone calls to line up the official weigh in at Ace Hardware.  Landon hopes to get a plaster of the fish made to be displayed in Cabela’s and plans to donate the actual catfish to the biologist so he can do some tests and tell Landon how old it was.

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