Ten Reasons To Visit Kootenai Falls
By Toby Trigger

Posted: July 3, 2016

Kootenai Falls is a really cool place to see and explore.  Located along highway 2 between Troy, MT and Libby, MT this place is easy to access and has many amenities including bathrooms, an ice cream stand and stairs to get over the steep spots. But why should you go there?  Here are 10 reasons to visit Kootenai Falls this years :

1) The swinging bridge!  It crosses high above the Kootenai River and it really swings!

2) Beauty.  Simple, natural beauty.

3) Remember the part in the opening paragraph about an ice cream stand?  Ummm, yeah.  Enough said!

4) It doesn’t cost anything. That’s right, Kootenai falls hasn’t been adulterated with theme park aggrevations like standing in line for hours and paying obscene amount of money to view the natural beauty carved out by thousands of years of raw natural power.

5) Fun for all ages. Now if that sounds like a catch phrase from an old circus tent announcer well, maybe it is but it’s also true!   With stairs, handrails and plenty of places to sit along the 3/4 mile trail old and young can handle it.

6) Fishing.  Now we wouldn’t recommend packing a rod and reel down to the falls but since you’re in the area and the Kootenai River fishes so well… well?  Why not?!

7) Learning.  It may not appeal to the 5 year olds in your group and don’t tell the 10 year olds thet are learning either.  But with big signs posted along the trail about natural history you and your kids can’t avoid learning something!

8) Cleanliness.  The place is well kept and aside from the roughness that comes with any trail through Montana woods, things like the swinging bridge, bathrooms, stairs (in steep spots) and a little picnic area make it appealing.

9) Photographic opportunity.  Yup.  A photographers dream place for all subjects water and rock.

10) “It’s awesome.” A Quote from Triggers son Kaden while visiting Kootenai Falls.

Check out one of Montana’s natural wonders.  It’s right here, it’s beautiful and it’s free! (Except for the ice cream.  That costs a couple bucks)

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