Whitefish Bite Continued for Montana Anglers!
By angelamontana

Posted: August 10, 2016

Dan Helterline didn’t stop with just one day of whitefish fishing! He and Ray Baenen found the whitefish bite on their second day, too!

Check out how the next day went:

We had another good day catching whitefish, although not as good as the first day. Fisherman are catching them in several spots, I’ve heard of good catches at Big Arm, the Narrows, Skidoo Bay and we were at Elmo Bay. You just have to move around in 50 feet of water until you start catching fish then stay above them vertical jigging with half to three quarter ounce jigging spoons like Rattle Disasters or Buckshots, but anything that imitates perch fry will work because that’s their main prey right now.


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