The Invisible Bar of Soap
By Toby Trigger

Posted: August 14, 2016

Hunting season is coming and hunters everywhere are getting ready.

In Montana hunters could be hiking through sage brush one day and over lodge pole forests the next.  Keeping the wind in your face and the sun at your back are necessary but eventually the wind will change direction.  When it does you need every advantage you can get.

The makers of Udderly Fresh Soap from Darby, MT use fresh goats milk from their own animals to create all natural soaps.   Local goat mile soap is cool but even more cool is that they produce all natural soaps just for hunters.

The invisible hunter bar is made with Red cedar and sage to create a cover scent for hunters who find themselves in sage brush.






Then there’s Roberts Rack Hunting Bar.  This bar is made with pine resin, Yarrow, Mullein and dandelion to create a cover scent for hunters in pine forests.

roberts rack


Hunters can use the bar to wash in the shower and the bar can be placed in the washing machine with hunting clothes during the wash cycle.

This season, give Udderly Fresh hunters soaps a try.  I will be using it and I’ll let readers know the results.  To order your own bar or to get more information visit or call Scott Vadnais (406) 214-7831.






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