Huntress Harvests Potential TOP 5 Non-Typical, Free-Range Elk!
By angelamontana

Posted: September 28, 2016

Here’s some news from our friends in Canada.  Kyla Krushelniski, from up north in Saskatchewan, harvested herself a potential TOP 5 non-typical FREE-RANGE American bull elk!  She said it was like winning the lottery when she found out she was drawn for one of 10 tags near her town.  Awesome work, Kyla!

Here’s what Boone & Crockett had to say last week on their Facebook page:

We have details on another monster bull, this time taken by a female hunter in Saskatchewan. This one looks like a potential B&C top 5 non-typical American elk.

SK resident Kyla Krushelniski said it was like winning the lottery when she found she had drawn one of the ten bull elk tags near their home of Macklin, SK. Their draw system is only open to SK residents and even then the odds are very long. 10 years previous she had drawn an elk tag but was not able to harvest a bull, this was her first bull elk and from preliminary numbers very well could best the Saskatchewan record non typical.

The province of Saskatchewan has a records keeping organization called the Henry Kelsey Big Game Records which is part of the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation. The organization works closely with the Boone and Crockett Club and uses our scoring system but has slightly different rules in terms of panel measurement and dry time. The SWF will have a panel scoring of the trophy in the very near future and the hunter will have it officially scored for Boone and Crockett once the 60 day drying period has passed. The initial scoring of this non-typical bull has a reported green gross score in the high 470’s. Once the panel is complete, we will report on their findings to see if these numbers hold and what this bulls net score will be in the Henry Kelsey Records. The current Saskatchewan Non Typical elk record is 417 7/8 taken by Eugene Nemeth.

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