Filming Your Hunt – Tips and Footage
By angelamontana

Posted: September 29, 2016

It is becoming more and more common for sportsmen to film their hunts, trap checks, fishing activities and just about everything else.  What an awesome way to remember something amazing!  Here are a few tips from for hunters who plan on filming their outings:

  • Try to get somebody to film you.
  • If you’re stand or blind hunting, set your double stands and blinds up early in the year.
  • Clear your shooting lanes–for both the hunter and the photographer.  Both need good, clear shots.
  • Use a tree arm, a tripod or a mount of some type!  You might think you’re steady, but that isn’t always the case!  Bob Ward’s Sports & Outdoors has a great selection of mounts and tripods here.
  • Communication is important! Make sure you have a plan for communication when you can’t actually speak to each other.

To read more on tips for filming your hunt with somebody or solo, click here.

Here is a hunt that was filmed on opening day of archery season this year in Montana:

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