Unlimited Licenses for Bighorn Sheep to be Sold for Three Days
By rowdyrob

Posted: September 1, 2016

A Bighorn Sheep elimination proposal has passed the FWP Commission for the Tendoy Mountains area.  The decision was initiated last year to address a disease issue with the herd of Bighorn Sheep in that area.  The disease in the herd is an endemic from poor reproduction.  FWP plans to remove the remaining 12 sheep and restock the area with a healthy herd.

Unlimited licenses will be sold for three days from September 6th through September 8th with hunts beginning September 15th through November 27th.  Hunters need to be aware of the conditions as the sheep have become difficult to find and harvest.  Any purchasers of the license will be sent a letter concerning the hunt, reporting requirements and general areas where the remaining sheep are most likely to be found.

Photo courtesy of Montana FWP

Read the full FWP article here


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