Fond Memories of Hunting Season – What Are Yours?
By Toby Trigger

Posted: November 13, 2016

Sometimes we get caught up in the hero shots or creative ways to show success like a shot of an antler poking above a frame pack with a mountain range as a backdrop.

But the reality of what we yearn for as hunters is belly crawling through sage brush and stinging our knees with cactus, frozen fingers and wet feet.

Ok, so I don’t yearn to pull needles from my knee caps, but the hunting experience is more than shot placement. It’s more than antlers and gamebags too.

It’s waking up early and shivering at deer camp and pulling decoys from the water and wishing you’d have waited another minute as 15 ducks drop in.

Hunting is made up of so many things, it’s hard to capture it in a photo.  So, we settle for hero shots and high fives.  Why settle?  Here are some photos of hunting without the “horns”.20161107_102454

20161104_083119What is hunting to you? Show us in a p20161004_195547ic !


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