Shooting Big Bucks Or Not
By Toby Trigger

Posted: November 19, 2016

I always say that I am going to shoot a big buck this year.  I really believe that I will when I say the words but then a deer wearing a set of antlers comes wandering through the trees and no matter if I’m holding a rifle or a bow, if the implement will kill it, I do.

Whitetail buck

I have put my tag on a dandy or two over the years but it’s almost always because the first buck I saw was big.  Not because of will power.


This season I saw a buck and my first thought was “that’s not  what you’re looking for”.   My second thought was “I’ll just look him over through my scope.”  My third thought was more of an action than a thought but the result was a punched tag.

Dragging a buck.

So, now I’ll just have to wait.  but I’m not worried because the next buck I shoot is going to be big, really big!


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