Go Fishing, Catch a Gun…Among Other Things!
By angelamontana

Posted: December 15, 2016

In response to the “strange catches” article yesterday (click here), we received an interesting email from Brad Smudzinski, of Fort Peck, who reeled in a few things unexpected and pretty amazing.  Take a look at this:

This revolver (pictured above) was caught fishing in a lake this summer in Michigan. Strange thing is it was somehow caught when I was fishing with a worm on a float. Just as I pulled it in from the water it fell onto the dock. My son, Jake and I were in shock. I still have not done any work on cleaning it up and identifying it- winter work…

While in the Army in Germany I have caught a hand grenade in a small stream- turned out to be a training grenade with flash/band pyro in it, as well as an entire Army dress uniform jacket with name tag and medals and all still attached. My guess is that some guy getting out of the army just chucked it off the bridge as he drove over it. At least I hope that was the case…

So, don’t get frustrated out there if you don’t catch anything.  Sometimes, you might catch fish and other times maybe you catch some pretty cool things.  But sometimes catching nothing is more settling than trying to come up with reasons you caught a random and unexpected item you caught.

Thank you for sharing, Brad!

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