Great Northwest Log Haul (circa 1988)
By angelamontana

Posted: January 10, 2017

Here’s a blast from the past posted by Lisa Brandon on Facebook with the following caption:

Great Northwest Log Haul, May 13th 1988 , Over 300 trucks and 1 Million Board Feet of Logs.  [On the way to] Darby, Montana on their way to Washington DC to protest about the spotted owl.

It was stated in the comments that the actual location of this photo taken was somewhere between Missoula and Lolo on their way to Darby, but that isn’t verified.  I was told by a Darby resident that they were not headed to D.C. either, as a bunch of logging companies and sawmills were donating these to save Darby Lumber from going under, and the logging trucks were on their way to Darby to donate all the logs to keep Darby Lumber running.  Either way, I absolutely love seeing Forest Service land here in Montana that has been logged (unfortunately I don’t see as much of it as I’d like to see these days), and I know I, personally, support the logging industry 100%–now, let’s bring it back!  Do you support the logging industry in Montana?  And do you remember the Great Northwest Log Haul?


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