Uncontrollable Reaction from First-Time Youth Huntress [VIDEO]
By angelamontana

Posted: March 1, 2017

You might remember the little girl (pictured on the right) who went hunting with her dad for the first time and asked him “Is this normal?” when she uncontrollably started shaking after recovering the buck he had shot.  The adrenaline of the hunt and recovery had Savannah not having control over her excitement. (click here to see her video again)  In 2011, when the original video was posted, Savannah’s dad said she had continued to harvest 11 deer after that video.

Well, Savannah’s sister, Sydney, had a similar experience when she actually shot her first buck on a hunt also with her dad.  She was uncontrollably crying out of the pure rush of adrenaline.  She wasn’t sad, she was just so excited and overwhelmed with the experience.

Now, that is parenting done right.  The girls’ dad’s quote of “teach your kids to hunt and fish, and you won’t have to hunt and fish for them” couldn’t be more fitting.  Excellent work!

Here is Sydney’s video:

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