10 Bizarre Summit Names in the USA
By angelamontana

Posted: April 18, 2017

There are several strange things about the world today–this, we know.  BUT, have you ever taken a look around at the names of some mountain peaks in the country?  The Backpacker compiled a list of pretty interesting names of mountain peaks and shelves that I narrowed down to the top 10.  Beware, some of these…well, let’s be honest–ALL of these….are pretty bizarre.  The funniest part is that Montana is home to two of these crazy-named peaks.  Get ready for this:

Ugly Mountain, Pendleton, WEST VIRGINIA (elevation 2,598 ft)

Poopout Hill, San Bernadino, CALIFORNIA (elevation 7,844 ft)

Tumbledown Dick Head, Washington, MAINE (note the name of the bay….yep, really) (elevation just 190 feet)

Whiskey Dick Mountain, Kittitas, WASHINGTON (elevation 3,871 ft)

Bloody Dick Peak, Beaverhead, MONTANA (it’s in the Big Hole…seriously) (elevation 9,790 ft)

Boner Knob, Beaverhead, MONTANA (elevation 7,598 ft)

Chicken Breast Bluff, Trempealeau, WISCONSIN (elevation 1,125 ft)

Pimple Hill, Monroe, PENNSYLVANIA (elevation 2,195 ft)

Rotten Bananas Butte, Navajo, ARIZONA (elevation 6,549 ft)


(all map images via mytopo.com; Feature photo via allianceforthewildrockies.org)
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