By angelamontana

Posted: May 8, 2017

Come enjoy a fishing day on Hebgen on Saturday, June 3. At 1:30, we will be sharing lunch and beverages to say THANK YOU to everyone that has made the WY/Hebgen Lake Ice Fishing Tournament such a success!

IF YOU HAVE BEEN A PART OF MAKING THE WINTER TOURNAMENT GO ANY TIME IN THE LAST 6 YEARS, come out for a fun day with fishermen trying their hand at Hebgen open water!  Join the fishing challenge that day….come to the Kirkwood Boathouse starting at 8 am on Saturday, June 3, to put your $10 in the creel and sign up to be in the challenge. Biggest fish that checks back in at the Boathouse by 1:05 pm that day gets the money in the creel!
We saved some Big Sky Brews from the January tastings….and can fry up fillets you bring in  that day.  Lunch will be scrumptious!!
Call Kirkwood Marina at 406.646.7540 for more info.
(Feature photo via billingsgazette.com)
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