Williams and Scott walk away with Crooked Creek Walleye Tourney on Fort Peck
By angelamontana

Posted: May 8, 2017

Kennie Williams and Travis Scott once again posted a heavy weight and easily walked away with the 2017 Crooked Creek Walleye Classic Championship. They ended with a incredible two day weight of 82.85 lbs and $3000. Everyone was thrown a curve ball with the storm that rolled through last night but it didn’t seem to phase Williams and Scott. Bob Hickey and Jason Mundel also put up a huge 2nd day basket today earning them a second place finish with 45.17 lbs.

1st PLACE: Ken Williams  and Travis Scott 82.85 pounds
2nd PLACE: Bob Hickey and Jason Mundel 45.17 pounds
3rd PLACE: Bill and Brad Novak 42.05 pounds   
4th PLACE: Randy Redfern and Matt Cowan 39.50 pounds
5th PLACE: Robert Mott and Dustin Fleck 38.78 pounds
6th PLACE: Scott and Hunter Collinsworth 38.10 pounds
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