Haters Need to Fish (by Montana Grant)
By angelamontana

Posted: June 6, 2017

Most sad, mean, hateful, and miserable people do not fish! They stew in their own sorrowful swill and find ways to lower the bar to their level. Instead of using their energy and resources to do good, they find ways to hate themselves, others, and life.

Fishing is a wonderful metaphor for life. One cast at a time is how we fish. Making one good choice at a time helps us to fill our limits of happiness. When life gets tough, we recover by making one good choice at a time. Just one more cast, or good choice, can turn things around.

It is time to go fishing when things get tough! There are many positive ways to address depression and unhappiness. Screaming and yelling will scare the fish, so fishing is a good excuse to calm down. Some folks find salvation in sports, hunting, hobbies, or some other meaningful distraction. Fishing is a gender and age friendly venue.

Fishing is done in beautiful places. Trout streams, ocean shores, ponds, lakes, and rivers. These areas help to calm, relax, and nourish our spirits and souls. The sights, sounds, smells, and feel of fishing destinations are the perfect prescription for people to focus and recharge.

Fishing is just fishing! Tying knots, dealing with gear, choosing baits, flies, or lures, casting, and searching for fish. Following the limits, rules, and guidelines of fishing challenges you to stay honest. There is not just one thing that allows you to catch a fish. It takes many choices and decisions, to hook up. Gear, boats, crafting lures and flies, teaching others, and being a student of the sport are just a few tasks you may need to tackle. Fish are just the excuse to go fishing. Most fishermen just enjoy fishing. Catching a fish is simply a bonus.

It doesn’t matter what kind of fish, where you fish, or how you fish. It matters that you are still fishing, and in the game. Fishing is the excuse to get outdoors, away from the “boob tube”, and computer, so you can unwind and relax. If you stop fishing for the key to happiness, then you are doomed to failure and sadness.

Hate disappears when you catch a fish. Suddenly, your attention and energy are focused on a bent rod, screaming reel, and excitement of the moment. The last thing you want to do is to lose this opportunity. Others around can help with encouragement and netting. Fishing friend memories last forever. Once the fish is in the net, you choose to cook it, share it, or release it to catch another day.

Catching a fish always makes us smile! Fishing solves the problems of life! Fishing Buddies can give great advice and counsel when calm and relaxed. Children, when fishing, especially are more attentive and hungry for wisdom. Great advice and memories last forever when presented in a fisherman friendly manner. You may hate losing a fish, but that is when you learn the most.

“Fishers of Men” is quoted in the bible. Fish have supplied sustenance for all living things. We all can be successful fishermen at whatever level of skill we are at. As we fish, our skills grow, and our anger dissipates. Fishing is an addictive drug that is cheap, easy, and legal. This lifelong addiction is never satisfied. Every fish caught is as exciting as the first. No one ever catches enough fish. Just one more cast can change your luck!

I think I got a bite!

Montana Grant

For more Montana Grant, visit his website at www.montanagrantfishing.com.

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