Odd Names for Groups of Animals
By angelamontana

Posted: June 14, 2017

Did you know that when you see a group of animals, most, if not all, of the said groups have their own specific names?  Here are a few unusual names for groups of animals:

  • A shrewdness of apes
  • A mischief of rats or mice
  • A business of ferrets
  • An exaltation of larks
  • A battery of barracudas
  • A troop of monkeys
  • A kaleidoscope of butterflies
  • A parliament of owls
  • A quiver of cobras
  • An ostentation of peacocks
  • A murder of crows
  • A rookery of penguins
  • A convocation of eagles
  • A prickle of porcupines
  • A charm of finches
  • An unkindness of ravens
  • A skulk of foxes
  • A shiver of sharks
  • A troubling of goldfish
  • A smack of jellyfish
  • A descent of woodpeckers
  • A mob of kangaroos
  • A zeal of zebras
(Feature photo via St. Catherine’s Standard; Info via howstuffworks.com)
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