Eastern Montana Fishing Report for the Week of 8.14.17
By angelamontana

Posted: August 16, 2017

Summer is here and with it comes sudden changes in weather and  high   water.  Outdoor enthusiasts including fishermen need to pay attention to these changes.   Flooding can   happen    quickly so fishermen or fisherwomen need to   keep in touch with the weather service.  Some water depths are at high June levels so everyone should stay alert. Enjoy yourself, but remember alcohol alters your judgment. So use it sparingly while enjoying the outdoors. Keep an eye on the weather as conditions such as temperature, wind and precipitation including snow   can   come on in fierce strength very fast. This report is compiled on Monday and Tuesday and reflects conditions and results of fishing from the past week.  If you wish other information feel­­ free to contact most parties for current daily information. Good luck fishing from the Montana Outdoor Radio Crew.  

(Compiled by Carol Henckel)

Rock Creek Marina-Bill 1-406-485-2560

Bill    reports, “  Fishing has been good.   Gusy are catching  walleye and northern pike and  bass. One person caught a 22 inch walleye.  The water temperature is 70 degrees.  Cranks have worked well in 12 to 15 feet depths of  water.  Leeches and worms  are working.    Small mouth   bass are still at rocky points at 10 to 15 feet.

Bill headed to the dam today.  He caught a 28 pound lake trout.  The walleye bite is still slow there  and they  salmon  fishing is just starting to pick up. “

We are open 7 to 9 during the week and 7 to 11 on the weekend. We do have cabins for rent.  Services   are  available .


Tongue River Reservoir /Spencer

Spencer  reports,” Not  as many people here this week.  There  have been some bass   caught. The water is going down.   The cleaning station is fixed and open.  Treat it kindly. It has been worked on again.  “


Tongue River Marina  1-406-757-2225 Wade, Stephanie /Warden Jordan Staley

***As of 2:06 pm fire  restrictions of Stage 11 have been lifted and it is now Stage 1 so campfires are allowed in regulated fire rings.***

Greg  says,”  the walleye bite  has  slowed down.  I have not seen or heard any limits.    Crappies have been stupidly easy to catch.  They are suspended a few  feet from the bottom.   The bass  have been pretty good.  I found them pretty aggressive and caught 3 nice ones. They have been pretty steady all day but they are better early in the morning and late in the day.  Northern pike fishing is pretty good. “

My hours are Monday through Thursday 8 to 6 pm.  Friday and Saturday the hours will be 8 to 8 pm in May.  Sunday will be 8 to 5 pm.”


Hell Creek Marina- Clint Thomas-Tyler 1-406- 557-2345  Marina Matheson-Park  personnel

Tyler says,   “ we ae using  a crank at 16 to 30 feet depths for northerns.  They have been decent size, good eater size.  The guys are using bottom bouncers and the color yellow is working.    The walleye  have gone deeper for  a slower bite. They are at 25 to 35 feet deep and are staying in the points and slopes.  People are heading toward  Crooked Creek for them.  ”

We are open 7 days a week, 7 am to 6 pm now.  ­­­­­­­

The park manager for Hell Creek State Park is Marina Matheson.


Lake Ridge Motel Eddie and Carrie Mindt 1-406-526-3597

Eddie says,   “guys are not  getting many salmon right  now.  The salmon bite is slow as they are far and few.  If they are getting   them they are in   the main lake points.  .  The water surface temperature is 63 degrees.   The northern pike are at depths of 40 feet and they are getting them toward Hell Creek. .  The walleye bite is slow.  You find them at 15 to 20 feet depths with a crank  right now.  ”

We are doing   guided trips.  Check us out at Howes fishing.  We have 4 very qualified licensed  guides to serve you. We have a full line of bait, crawlers and minnows.

Our hours are now 7am to 7pm Sunday and Monday to Thursday.  Friday  and Saturday we are open 7 am to 7 pm.   ”


Cooney Reservoir -Glennis, Mark is the   game warden at Cooney.

“   The water is definitely warm.  The walleye and northern pike bite are slowing down.  Fish  in the early morning and very late, almost at sunset.  Mister twisters are working , “  Glennis  says .


Lake Elmo FWP Bob Gibson

Staff  says,” People   are  still catching fish.  Depending upon the warmth of the day they are easier to catch. “


Deadmans  Tony Stefani

Pat  says,” not much fishing   this week.   People fishing shore said it  was real slow  this week.  We had a lot of people Sunday but Saturday was slow.  The fish are   real deep right now. The water is about the same.”


Deadmans/Martinsdale Cozy Corner Bar Lavina 406-636-22

Terry says, “ Not hearing of anyone going out so no one  is telling me  and I have not sold any worms. People just have not  been going .  The heat has made the fishing lousy one person said. ”


Checkerboard Inn   Checkerboard, MT   Rick and Judy Geordge  406-572-3373

Judy says, “We had a large family group that went  to Bair.  They  said  they  had a great time.  The chidren caught a lot of fish.  The kids were able to catch lots of rainbows . They caught close to their limit.  Worms were working.“


Don’s Lewistown-Dale 1-800-879-8194

Charlie  said, “ At Spring Creek fishing is good.  The water is low and clear.  Standard lures and flies are working .   Immersion method is  working.  Bead head nymph fishing is good.

Achley  : At Achley the water is going up.  The water temperature is a bit cooler.  People are going deep for the fish.  They are trolling  at 20 feet.  Trolling at 2 and a half miles per hour using a rapela..  The fishermen are starting to catch tiger muskeye from the bank and from a boat.

Ponds: The ponds have   mossed up.

On Crooked Creek   worm harness  are working at  15 to 25 feet depths.   Walleye and northern pike are being caught.  Walleye have been a good bite.  “


Crooked Creek  Crooked Creek Marina  Craig and Abby James 406-429-2999

Abby   says, “   Fishing has been  good this week.  People have caught  pike, perch and crappies.  The bite was steady this weekend for them.  Cranks and bottom bouncers are working.  The worm bite is really good right now. The walleye bite is harder to catch.  They did get some but you had to work for it.   They seemed to be at depths of 18 feet.  I think the weather change altered the fishing some. ”

The Marina’s hours are Monday to Thursday 7 am to 7pm and Friday to Sunday 6am to 9pm

There  is  full service at the Marina with non-ethanol fuel, bait, minnows, worms, leaches and fishing lures.  We  also  have some rods and reels.  There  are cabins to rent. We hope to be open year round.


Silos Canyon Ferry-Sharon

“ At the Camp-mak-a dream Walleye Benefit tournament approximately 187 walleye were caught with more than 90 % released by the teams.  There were also trout and perch also caught.  The winning team was team 19  with a  walleye that was 25 inches caught by Ken Reistad.  His partner was  Duane Meyer.   Trout fishing was  good . Perch are being caught at 20 feet depths. The walleye fish they   are catching  are averaging 14 to 18 inch size.  Guys are finding them in the river.  They are using bottom bouncers and cranking.  Everyone is consistently going south toward pond 1.

There continues to be  an inspection station at the landing.  Every boat will be inspected   when they come out of the water.  It is halfway between the  landing and the highway.  The live well needs to be empty of water.  The plug needs to be removed   and the live well needs to be   wiped down.   We do have plenty of bait here. They are now setting up a water cleaning station up from the ramp.     The Marina is open. Hours are 7 am to 7 pm.


West Side Sports Jim Mayer 1-406-654-1611

Jim says,” Forchette was slow this week.  It was windy this week.  You can catch some  walleye, northern pike and perch.  Use a drift  at depths of 50 to 8 feet.  There was a lot of wind in the bay.

Nelson’s water is going up.  I figure by this weekend  you will again be able to use the boat ramp again.  They have turned the irrigation water of. “

Shop hours are 8 to 6 Monday to Saturday and closed on Sunday


Billings-Scheels John Cooper, Dan

Jayce   says ,”Yellowstone: The Yellowstone River from  Billings east  people have been  getting smouth bass galore.   Use a tube bait on the bottom.  I have heard of a few  sauger  being caught.

I also heard that the walleye fishing up by Forsyte and Miles City is real good for walleye.  They say they are catching catfish on cutbait everywhere from Huntly to Miles City.

Rock Creek fishing is good.  They are taking hoppers and nymphs.

Fort Peck:  Fort Peck At the dam people are saying they are only catching a few salmon. It has not picked up this week. .Try  cranking 144 feet deep..

Yellowtail: Those who went to Yellowtail  and got   small mouth bass.  They were using tubes and wacky worms  to catch them.  Orange   colors are working well.


Rich’s Tackle Richard  406-285-4540

Rich says, “ The walleye are biting on Canyon Ferry people tell me.    They are catching rainbows, walleyes and some perch using bottom bouncers aand a few cranks. Just keep an eye on the wind and weather.

Rivers: All three rivers here are on Hoot own rules.  Fishing can only be done from early morning to 2 pm because of the low water and heat.  The West  Gallatin looks really low.  People have said  the little creeks  are  fishing okay .  They are saying they are getting brookies  or cut throat.”


Stillwater Anglers-Chris 406-322-4977  , Bill, Jasmine

Jasmine  says,“  The Stillwater road is finaly open.  So you can get up the Stillwater a lot easier.  Both rivers  are fishing well.   We are not seeing any hatches.   Use large dries. For nymphing try a dropper.  Jack Cabe, PMX,   Chernobyl’s,, Grinch and hoppers. Some guys are running  black and olive together a foot a part on the line.  On the Yellowstone try  Copper John, a Pheasant Tails, Princes or a Batman. Drift a streamer.  Try a black or olive wooly bugger in the evening.  The Stillwater is lower  and is boney so you have to do some maneuvering.   The Yellowstone has a slight tinge to it. The Stillwater is clearer.“


Montana Adventures and Angling in Fort Smith  Beau McFadyean 406-855-3612

Beau says,”  On the Big Horn the fishing was better this week.    The water is about 4200 cfs.  You can see a shelf.  The tricot hatch  is still there. The fish are still eating.   The   water is   grassy and is very murky.     I am using sow bugs size 18 in gray, pink and tan.  Use dries in tricot patterns as well. You can catch a few fish on  streamers. ”


Steven Caldwell   guide, Steven says,” Put the nymphs away unless you go to the dam.  Take a chance and throw dries…fish are up and eating…eating like crazy…

Better yourself…throw at a rising fish .  Don’t use the bobbers!

And get to the Missouri to fish.

Try a fly that is dead drifted.  Drop it in.  Reach cast, feed the line with no drag and set the hook and repeat.

And again get out early during the heat.  Make sure you stay hydrated.   Heat exhaustion or heat stoke are bad and once you experience it can return easier. , Treat the fish  with care.  If they come unhooked before the net that’s a bonus!  Keep em wet.


Big Horn Trout Shop Fort Smith 666-2375

Hale  says ,” The good news is the water has gone down to 4100 cfs.   We have been told  it is headed to 3,000 cfs very soon.  The water is 64  degrees right now. There is more wade fishing.   You will see  aquatic  grass in the water and it is a factor with fishing.  We are seeing a few midges later in the morning.  There are   tricot hatching in the morning at 7 to 11 am.      The fishing is good.  Nymph fishing is working.  Try a Ray Charles, sunken tricot pattern or the sow bug or a black PT.

Streamer fishing is still good. Streamers are working  on the cloudy days.  Use shinners as they are working.  Try a white fly or a thin mint or a dirty hippy. Concentrate on the ripple water and the current areas.”

Our normal hours are we are closed Sunday and Monday. We   are open   9 am to 2 pm now Tuesday to Saturday.


Riverside Anglers in West Yellowstone : Alice Owsley, fishing guide and outfitter 406-640-1698


Alice says,”   Madison below Quake Lake,

Welcome the rain and cool temps!


Cooler temperatures have been welcome on the Madison. PMDs and blue winged olives have been hatching on the river with the recent cloudy days. Sunny warm days are still bringing out the terrestrials and fish have been eating ants and hoppers.


Yellowstone  National Park

Recent rain has discolored some high elevation rivers, check gauges before heading out. Bug hatches have been good with the cloudy weather and sunny afternoons still have fish eating beetles, ants and hoppers.

Carry your bear spray and keep your fish in the water!!!

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