Montana Swan Permit Applications Due
By Toby Trigger

Posted: August 12, 2017

Hunting opportunities in Montana are diverse and swan hunting is just one example. But with limited permits available and deadlines, this is one opportunity that isn’t easy to obtain.

500 permits are available in each of the flyways Pacific and Central.  Montana FWP separated these two flyways with a permit 481-20 which includes Freezeout Lake and 684-20 which does not include Freezeout Lake.

Non residents may apply but a cashiers check or money order is required and the non refundable cost is $5.  Non residents may purchase a bonus point for $20 which will increase the odds for the following year.  The cost for a resident bonus point is $2.

Here are the highlights offered by the MTFWP for the application process. Applications are due August 31 by 5 pm:

* Enclose your $5 nonrefundable application fee.

*Nonresidents must pay by money order or cashiers check.

* You may apply for a swan permit in ONLY ONE of the flyways.

* Successful applicants must purchase a 2017 Migratory Bird license to hunt.

* Prior to hunting: Consult the 2017 Migratory Bird Regulations for details.

* Applications may be mailed or hand delivered to any FWP office, or apply “ON LINE” through our Website at

* Have you completed all of the boxes and signed your application?


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