Noxon & Cabinet Reservoirs Drawdowns Scheduled
By angelamontana

Posted: August 29, 2017

AVISTA Resource Manager Jason Pignanelli has announced a drawdown of both reservoirs beginning right after the LABOR DAY HOLIDAY.  According to the company, crews will be conducting repairs on both dams during this time.

NOXON RESERVOIR will be lowered to a max drop of 4 feet while it is expected that the CABINET RESERVOIR will draw down to a maximum of 7 feet during this period.

Shoreline owners may want to pull their boats and docks in anticipation of this drawdown which is expected to last about a week with September 11th being the projected max drawdown for both reservoirs.

EARLY REMINDER – Bottom Barrier removal deadline

Bottom barrier mats and docks must be removed no later than October 31st.  Those utilizing barrier mats need to notify NCShorelines as soon as they are removed.  Simply send an email to and let us know WHO you are, WHERE you are located and WHEN your mats were removed.

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