An ode to an old pair of boots
By Moosetrack Megan

Posted: August 15, 2017

Have you ever had a good pair of boots you just couldn’t let go of? Moosetrack recenlty posted this about her favorite pair:

“This old pair of Merrills: Tomorrow I officially retire my four-year old Merrill waterproof boots. For most people getting rid of a pair of shoes wouldn’t be emotional, but for me throwing them in the burn pile will be tough. You see, I own exactly five pairs of shoes. A black set of heels, yellow pumps, one pair of sandals, and these old boots. I’m a minimalist and I don’t like excess. They were a gift from my dad for my first Christmas here. It was something to keep the cold out and much appreciated as I was much too broke to afford any. These boots fit my foot better than anything I’ve ever put on my feet and though it wasn’t fashionable, I wore them everywhere. These boots have seen the tops of mountains in the summer and winter. I’ve waded creeks in them while hunting and accessorized them with numerous fancier courtroom dresses. The edges are singed from wildfire embers in 2015 that I got while taking photographs and the bottoms are worn smooth from giving tours up cave mountain. I’ve jumped straight into these boots after plunging into Flathead Lake on New Years for their warmth and I’ve had to endlessly explain to tourists why my feet aren’t too hot in a winter piece of footwear in these babies. I first realized that I had fallen in love- real love- for the first time as I crunched these brown clogs against a crimson and gold autumn forest floor. I also puked on them and the lily white snow a few years later when that relationship broke up. And spring came again, and I was dancing with someone new in mountain flowers. The worst day of my life happened in these shoes. But so did some of the best. Thanks, old Merrills. You are smelly, your soles are worn thin, your laces have been long since eaten by Lily, and your zipper is busted. When I cremate you tomorrow, remember that you lived an amazing life. #happytrails #boots #someoneelsesshoes #footsteps”

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