The Most Important Thing To Bring To The Woods
By Toby Trigger

Posted: September 23, 2017

So many hunters use tools to improve their hunting but is there something they are forgetting?

Bi Pods, Tri Pods, GPS units, compasses, calls, scents and expensive camouflage clothing seem to have been elevated above our brains.

When hunting it’s okay to mark the truck with a gps but then put it away and look at your surroundings as you hunt.  Remember  key features to help you understand the patterns of game and why they go where they go.

Good camo patterns are helpful too but not if the material is loud when it brushes up against a bush.  You’d be better off with a cheap cotton sweatshirt or best yet: wool or fleece.  It’s quieter, tougher and more affordable than the hyped up “technologically advanced materials” on the market.

If there is a bull standing 60 yards away and you are holding rifle put your cross hairs on his ribs and pull the trigger. That isn’t the time to be puffing the air with a wind indicator or digging the tripod out of your pack. Shoot!

Be prepared this season and bring your brain to the woods.  The gadgets look good in photos but it’s still your wit that pulls the trigger.  If you see a buddy making the gadget mistake set him straight.

Good luck!


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