Just A Funny Hunting Story
By angelamontana

Posted: September 13, 2017

Okay…just to get the hunters stuck at work through the day…here is a short hunting story that might make you chuckle…yes…chuckle.  This one was posted on Reddit by tacoeater1234.   Just eight hours left for the 9 to 5ers!

Maybe 7 years ago I was gun-deer hunting and my party decided to do a deer drive to push some deer out of a swamp. I had seen a bear den in the swamp earlier in the fall while I was bird hunting, so I was on the lookout for it. While walking through the swamp, I hear one of my party maybe 300 yards away yell “Bear!”. So I’m extra alert, and right then I come up on the bear den, about 50 yards away, in my path. I start to skirt around it, keeping my eye on it, sort of freaked out. There’s a big rotting log in my path and I step on it to get over it, all the while thinking about the bear. SMASH! I break through the log and my boot lands on something alive and it’s freaking out, thrashing around, trying to get away. I basically shit my pants.

It was a snowshoe hare. I never saw the bear. My party didn’t either, the guy was actually yelling “Where?” to someone who had yelled something else (I don’t know why we yell so much while hunting).

(feature photo via Mossy Oak)
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