Montana Archery Antelope Spot and Stalk Tips
By Kamp Cook

Posted: September 9, 2017

Eastern Montana antelope are doing very good this year. I recently took my bow out for a scouting/hunting trip to the sage brush north of Billings. Every other cooley featured bucks ranging from 13-16 inches. But, hunting the fastest land mammal in North America is not the easiest with a sharp stick and string. Most antelope archery hunters will set up for long waits on water. But, some try to do waht seems like the impossible. Spot and Stalk.

Armed with my Calls M All game call and a cardboard decoy, I set out to try and fling an arrow at a big buck. The Calls M All game call proved to do it’s job, by stopping spooked bucks in their tracks. A simple buck snort from the call, even turned some of the bucks to head back my way. Unfortunately none came withing bow range. The decoy, which I made out of a cardboard box and spray paint, drew the attention of bucks in the area, and even had one come into 70 yards to investigate. I simply cut out a silhouette of a goat, with black painted V on the head, and a white belly and rump. It wasn’t pretty, but had the proper markings that an antelope is looking for.

If you plan to take to the plains and hunt pronghorn, check out some proven spot n stalk techniques that may help you punch your tag.

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