Where To Find Bulls When The Elk Rut Ends
By Jackalope Jordan

Posted: October 10, 2017

Only a few days of archery season remain and the elk rut is nearing its end as well.

The elk woods are full of activity during the rut and testosterone crazed bulls aren’t thinking very clearly. While the rut is the best time to chase the wily critters they can still be found with some effort during the general season.

The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation recommends looking in thick patches of timber near good grazing and water sources. Bulls are nearly exhausted from a month long rut filled with chasing cows and fighting rivals. They seek refuge in areas relatively safe from predators where they can rest and heal their depleted bodies.

Hunters may have to push a little deeper to find the bulls in their recuperation havens but the extra work could mean a full freezer and a trophy on the wall.

Creative Commons Photo
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