Missoula Hunter Bags Bull Elk Opening Day
By angelamontana

Posted: October 24, 2017

Devin Huntley from Missoula got a bull opening day. He shared this about his successful hunt:

Hunting in the greater Lincoln area. So we got out of the truck early and hiked in about 2 miles.  Public land. As the sun came up we could see elk coming our way.  1.5 miles out so they were specs on the horizon. Had decent snow so we knew there were “frequenting” the area. Lots of tracks. Had no idea where they were going to go so we all just spread out in to the landscape and waited.  Lost sight of herd pretty quick but felt confident they were coming our way. As luck would  have it a small group came running up my draw. There was one large bull but he was surrounded by cows and I could not get a clear ethical shot. My bull was in the rear of the herd. They were moving, but not running. My bull stopped broadside at about 180 yards. I had been sitting still for close to 5 minutes when they emerged from the trees in front of me so I was able to make a good clean shot and he was dead before he hit the ground. Beautiful young bull and am so appreciative that I live in a space that allows things like this to come together. The land was good to me.

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