The Winner! (by Montana Grant)
By angelamontana

Posted: October 3, 2017

Every sportsman wants to be the winner. Whether they win the biggest buck, bull, or fish, the trophy wall will celebrate the winning memorial. If it is not on the wall, it will be in the conversation.

During a lifetime of hunting and fishing, sportsmen contribute to protecting, managing, and conserving our wild places. No other organization contributes as much to our wild places than hunters and fishermen! That’s simply a fact.

Fees for licenses, permits, access, taxes, and every other supporting element of the sport are important. No other sport requires more fees, training, expenses, and time than hunting, and fishing. Workaholics that have few hobbies, and interests do not understand this. They simply find ways to limit vacation, days off, and fun.

Sportsmen contribute taxes through the Pittman- Robinson, and the Dingell- Johnson Acts. These acts, levy a tax on all implements of the sport. Every gun, bow, rod, reel, lure, or hook costs additional fees. This money is then re-appropriated back to every state based upon the number of hunting, and fishing, licenses purchased. The funds are earmarked to purchase, manage, and maintain public parks and wildlife areas.

Many states put these funds into the general fund to help balance the state’s budget. This loophole re-directs these important, earmarked funds. Anti-hunting and fishing groups do all they can to destroy these sports, and contribute little. Most anti- hunting, and fishing organizations do not spend their funds on habitat, parks, greenways, or wild places. Every American can access open spaces paid for by sportsmen’s dollars. Many of these places allow no hunting or fishing.

Outdoorsman that survive a lifetime of hunting and fishing can now become “winners”! At the age of 64, license fees decline. Instead of paying full price for these licenses, the fees are greatly reduced. In MD. A hunting license is only $5.00! In MT. these veteran hunters and fishermen can purchase a “Sportsmen’s License” for just $25:00 each year.

This is good news for every state. These aged hunters are still contributing to the sport. License sales are rising. The bad news is that aging hunters have aged. Most of my hunting and fishing buddies have died, have handicaps or health issues, are physically unable to venture out, or have simply become lazy.

Who wins? The last sportsmen standing have an opportunity to celebrate their sport for a little less expense.

Congratulations on being the winner!

Montana Grant

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