R3 Check Station Update: 4th Weekend
By angelamontana

Posted: November 15, 2017

Recent snow created greater movement of animals and kept hunter harvest steady in the past week. Staff and volunteers met with 1,413 hunters stopping at check stations around the region over the weekend.

Biologists reported seeing numerous first-time hunters having success. This was notably the case at both the Divide and Gardiner check stations.

Divide saw a harvest rate 20 percent greater than that of the same week last year and 52 percent higher than the long-term average. And Mill Creek saw a success rate 35 percent greater than the long-term average.

The Cameron station in the Madison Valley once again received the greatest number of hunters.

A check station was also open near Kidd on Sunday with a harvest rate of over 15 percent. Also to the west, the Blacktail check station checked 140 hunters on Saturday with over 10 percent rate of harvest.

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