Being Thankful in 2013: BEST OF Captain’s Column
By angelamontana

Posted: November 16, 2017

On Thanksgiving Day four years ago, the Captain was reminiscing about a couple of fishing trips he will cherish forever.

A couple of fishing trips that I took last year to Fort Peck Reservoir stand out for me as trips that I will cherish forever. It is always great to get out and spend a day on the water but this year my fishing trips to Fort Peck included catching a lot of fish and more than my fair share of large fish.

The first one he was referring to was a trip with Brandt Hamernick in May of 2014.

In June, Jim Swanson from Sheridan Montana joined me as we fished out Hell Creek Marina, the home of Clint and Deb Thomas. Once again the waters of Fort Peck produced for us as we caught close to 200 walleyes again, this time we fished out of Snow Creek and Crooked Creek. I managed to catch and release a couple more 30 inch walleyes.

Also, the Captain’s other half, Berny, filled the freezer with a cow elk that year.

We hope you take the time to reflect on the year and appreciate the people around you and opportunities you have to get outside to enjoy what we can in this fantastic area. Congrats to all the hunters, anglers and trappers that have found success so far, and good luck to the ones still after their critters!

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