Washington, North Dakota Restrict Import of Montana Wildgame
By Jackalope Jordan

Posted: November 21, 2017

North Dakota and Washington have placed restrictions on the movement of deer and elk carcasses from Montana after the discovery of chronic wasting disease.

The deadly disease infects deer, elk and moose. Residents of North Dakota and Washington who hunt in Montana will face new restrictions when bringing back antlers, meat and hides to their home state, according to an Associated Press report.

Montana is the 23rd state or Canadian province to have restrictions meant to prevent the spread of CWD. North Dakota residents will still be able to hunt in Montana. But antlers brought into the state cannot have any meat attached, hides must be detached from the head and the spinal column must be detached from the meat. Violations are subject to a $100 fine.

The Spokesman Review reported Washington enacted similar measures. The disease has not been detected in Idaho but that state does not restrict the movement of game carcasses from states where CWD is present.

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