Five Tips for Ice Anglers
By angelamontana

Posted: December 30, 2017

The weather is definitely unpredictable, but that doesn’t mean that ice fishing has to completely be unpredictable.  Here are a few tips from Mystery Tackle Box that can help you catch more fish through the ice.

Tip #1:
“My first time out on any body of water, any time of the year, I always drill test holes on my way out. Some places may have current or springs, causing thin spots that you may not know about. Taking the time to drill a few holes can go a long ways towards keeping you safe!”

Tip #2:
“Should you fall through the ice, do not attempt to lift yourself vertically, but rather, position yourself horizontally, kick your feet, and slide onto the ice.”

Tip #3:
“The two best purchases an ice angler can make are high quality boots that keep your feet warm/dry and a good set of waterproof gloves.”

Tip #4:
“The practice of punching multiple, staggered holes across a key fishing area, known as ‘ice trolling’, can be a very time-efficient strategy for locating active fish”

Tip #5:
“One of the quickest ways to become a better angler is to understand the fish you are targeting. By learning their seasonal movements and patterns, you can eliminate a lot of water and narrow your search to high percentage areas.”

Let us know your go-to tips for fellow ice anglers seeking information.

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