Bobber Doggin’ Rig For Steelhead
By Toby Trigger

Posted: January 7, 2018

Bobber Doggin’ is a Killer Way to Catch More Steelhead.  Here’s How it’s Done:

Use a heavy weight that ticks across the bottom so the float will lay on its side as it drifts. Keep the line mended through the drift to avoid slack line and watch the float for any vertical movement. This method will ensure the bait is near the bottom where steelhead lay while providing a visual indicator for the angler.

For an affordable drifting rig use ¼” pencil lead and surgical tubing attached to a braided main-line by a three-way swivel. First tie a black size 6 snap swivel onto the main line and clip it onto the three way swivel. Next stuff a piece of pencil lead into a slightly longer piece of surgical tubing and poke a snap swivel through the tubing. Start out with 1 1/2” piece of lead and adjust as necessary depending on water depth and speed. From the third swivel attach a 12-18 inch length of 12-18 lb fluorocarbon and tie on a size 4 or 6 circle hook using an egg knot.

Cast up stream and let the weight tick along the bottom with the float laying on its side.  When a steelhead bites the float will stand upright just before it goes under. When fishing with eggs wait one full second before setting the hook.

Angela Montana with a steelhead caught using the Bobber Doggin’ Method outlined in this Article.

Adjustments to line length will be necessary when moving from one location to another. Make sure the length of line below the float is just long enough to “fish” along the bottom without pulling the float under or making it stand upright.  This will ensure that when the float stands upright it is time to get ready to set the hook.

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