Guaranteed Lures Rewind to 2014: BEST OF Captain’s Columns
By angelamontana

Posted: January 4, 2018

Let’s take a trip down memory lane and see what the Guaranteed Lures looked like back in 2014!

The Guaranteed Lures have changed over the years, and we can assure you that each and every year, they just get better!!! However, all of the MORS Guaranteed Lures you purchase from the Captain are GUARANTEED to catch fish, so there’s always a really good reason to purchase yours.  These lures are sold exclusively at the The Great Rockies Sportshow series across the state.

It’s always fun to check out the Great Rockies Sportshows–in every town where they are hosted!  It is awesome to get the first look at new products related to the outdoors and to know that you’re buying a lure that is guaranteed to catch fish–it is a win-win!  Plus, you get to talk to the Captain in person.  His voice sounds the same on the radio as it does in person.  See for yourself!

Here’s a glimpse of what it was like at the Helena Great Rockies Sportshow back in 2014:

If you went to the Great Rockies Sportshow this weekend, then you most likely stopped by the Montana Outdoor Radio Show booth and said hello to the Captain…because, let’s face it, the Captain is..well…the Captain!  Berny was also working front and center greeting everybody with a welcoming smile.  The picture below should be a familiar sight to those of you that stopped by the booth…

You can read the whole article, and see what was different in the 2014 Helena Great Rockies Sportshow Captain’s Column here.

So, right now, get ready to pick up your 2018 Guaranteed Lures, and prepare to meet your favorite Captain and co-host Downrigger Dale along with the Captain’s one and only–Berny!  You can meet all three of them IN PERSON!  Don’t miss the Helena show this year, as you never know what awesome treasures you will find at discounted prices at the MORS booth in Helena at the 2018 Great Rockies Sportshow!

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