Flathead Area Fishing Report from Snappy’s Sport Senter 2.21.18
By angelamontana

Posted: February 23, 2018

Thank you to Snappy’s Sport Senter for sharing this fishing report dated 2.21.18:

Lots of good ice, but plenty of snow as well. Most lakes are seeing between 8”-12” of good solid ice.

Thompson Chain of Lakes:
MiddleSalmon fishing is good in the very early mornings, 5am-8am. Seeing nice fish in 60’ of water. Try Glo Swedish Pimples with Rat FinkiesPerch fishing is a bit slower. Fish are suspended in deep water 40-60’. Hali Jigs in Orange or jigging Rapalas in Perch patterns.

Lower: Good Perch (8”-12”) at the East end in 30’-40’ water. Also, good Trout near Outlet Creek. Few Pike in the bays being caught on smelt or dead bait.

Upper: Hearing about lots of smaller Perch in 5’-10’ water with some bigger fish closer to the 10’ depth. Few good Pike reports as well.

​Bootjack / Cibid Lakes:
Reports of good number of Trout in the early mornings.

Crystal Lake:
Good Salmon 200yrd out in front of the boat launch. Also getting reports of a few good Perch and Rainbows mixed in.

Little McGregor:
Lots of small Perch and some Rainbow reports.

Lake Mary Ronan:
Good Salmon action in the early mornings with some nice fish reports of up to 14”. Also, good Perch near Sunken Island or Camp Tuffit down about 20’-30’.

Bitterroot Lake:
Still good numbers of nice Salmon coming in from the North End down 40’. Try Hali jigs or Pimples. South End in deep water (240’) you’ll find your big Salmon(up to 3lbs). A bit slow, but very nice fish.

Ashley Lake:
There is a bit of snow making it difficult to get in to fish. But it had been fishing very well.

Smith Lake:
Still getting reports of a few good Perch and lots of small Pike reports.
Whitefish Lake:Only about 6”-10” of ice. BE CAREFUL! It had frozen, but then lot of snow cover insulating the ice. We are getting good reports of nice Lake Troutand Whitefish.

Swan Lake:
Good Lake Trout still near the Highway side. Also reports of good Salmon (14”-16” action out deep. Bit slow, but nice fish. Few big Perch coming from the South End.

It is frozen from West end to Boisvert’s boat launch. The West end froze last, so watch that area carefully. A 27lb Lake Trout was pulled out last week and reports of some other nice fish as well.

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(photo courtesy of Snappy’s Sport Senter)
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