Living at Lake McDonald?
By angelamontana

Posted: February 2, 2018

If you have been to Glacier National Park, then you know how beautiful Lake McDonald is. The crystal clear water with multi-colored stones and stunning views are a sensory overload…in a good way! So, how would you like to live there, right on Lake McDonald? Apparently, it could be a possibility..

That vision could become a reality as Glacier officials last week released an environmental assessment that would allow the public to lease properties along the lake provided they agree to fix them up and maintain them to historic standards.

All told, the Park has identified seven properties that could be included in the program, including Kelly’s Camp, the Wheeler Camp, Greve’s Tourist Camp, the Grisley Property, the Moberly Property, and the Fox Henderson Property. (Via Hungry Horse News)

The park doesn’t have the funds to fix them up, so if people were interested in leasing the properties, fixing them up and maintaining them, they would be able to do so…to historic standards.

All of the properties were privately owned at one time and have been acquired by the Park Service over the years.  There are requirements, too:

Lessees would also be required to develop a vegetation management plan including restoration of native plants and control of weeds.

Under the plan, the properties could not be sublet, however. No vacation rentals, though three properties — The Moberly, Fox Henderson and Grisley properties would be available to an interested concessioner if a lease is not in place in the time frame set by the Park.

The Park Service is hoping to have all the properties leased within 12-24 months of putting them on the market. If ya have extra cash to burn and wouldn’t mind living in a postcard-perfect area (among wildlife), it might not be a bad thing to have a place at Glacier.

People can comment on the EA online at or mail or give comments in person to:

Superintendent, Attn: Lake McDonald Properties EA, Glacier National Park, P.O. Box 128, West Glacier, MT, 59936.

The direct link to the EA is at:

To read the full article by Chris Peterson from Hungry Horse News and to read more about the cabins, click here.

Feature photo by Richard Hanners
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