Crooked Creek Fishing Attempt Report by DeadEye Fishing 4.23.18
By angelamontana

Posted: April 24, 2018

DeadEye Fishing shared a fishing update on social media on Monday, April 23rd.  Be sure to give them a Like on Facaebook, too!

I tried to fish crooked creek yesterday. I was the first and only boat to make the voyage. I would recommend waiting before attempting it. The water is chocolate, unfishable for walleye, and there is so much debris I was traveling under 10 mph the majority of the time. I eventually made it to a fishable stretch between Mickus Bottom and Ghost Coulee, but did not boat any fish. Between ghost Coulee and Elk Island there were large sheets of ice, which I tried to go around only to be stopped at Elk Island where it was frozen across. The devil’s creek/fourchette area appeared to be all ice. The dirty water had zero clarity and was 50 degrees, and the cleanest water was as far east as I could go and about 2.5′ of clarity at 42 degrees. There were a surprising number of shore anglers at the marina. The road from the Roy turnoff was good the whole way, minus a few rough cattle guards. The road from Winnett is not as good. The first 20 miles have some ruts and washboards, but were good after that.

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