By Montana Grant

Posted: April 15, 2018

You know you are in MontanAAAHHH when every view includes a mountain, fewer folks, more critters and a feeling of excitement without stress. A perfect cure for what’s ailing you.

Your camping day starts with the smells and sounds of real perked coffee, sizzling bacon, and biscuits and gravy over a crackling wood fire. The cool, clean, and clear morning air invigorates your health and spirit. You need a coat in the morning but by noon its t-shirts and shorts. The higher altitude, thinner air, and thrills make it harder to catch your breath.

Welcome to Big Sky Country! The woods are filled with the sounds of birds and the movement of the local resident critters. The rivers, streams and lakes welcome you with open pools, ripples, and waves. Their sounds are the high-country music we often need to hear. Old Faithful never disappoints.

Your days are full of plans and adventure. Your traffic jams are caused by bears, deer, cattle and other Montana natives. A truck comes toward you driven by a cute cowgirl wearing her hat. They always wave. Big RV’s never wave. They are too busy trying to drive.

Where else can you drive an endless highway for an hour without passing another vehicle? If you do have a breakdown, be assured that the next person driving by will stop and help. If you yell out “Madison” or “Bridger”, herds of  dogs will come running toward you.

The waters of MontanAAAHHH are public access. Here you will discover the fish, floats, and fun where you can go with the flow. Whether from the bow of a drift boat or knee deep in the rushing current, the waters bathe you with new energy.

When on horseback, it is amazing how the horse runs to the crest of a hill. You feel like “Bonanza” while enjoying your saddle perch panorama. The bow of a drift boat also casts the perfect perspective to a grand view. With a little luck, you can add several beautiful trout to your lasting memories.

Snow sports, skiing, snowmobiling, sledding, ice climbing, they all satisfy and thrill. Rocky Mountain powder is the best. The sound and feel of flowing through the powder is MontanAAAHH at its BEST!

Carry what you will need because the weather changes constantly. Snow in August is no big deal. If you get cold, then a hot spring soak is just the ticket. Adapt, adjust, and relax. Happiness is just a moment away.

In MontanAAAHHH you are always just 30 minutes away from something new, exciting, and unplanned. The sounds of bugling elk, gobbling turkeys, cackling pheasants, drumming grouse or waterfowl are the “street noises” here.

Steaks, ribs, Mountain Oysters, wild game, and fresh trout will fill your appetite. Sip a local beverage named after a bug, dog, mountain, river or critter. Ice cold on a summer day, AAAHHHH!

Purple mountains majesty is every night at sunset. No picture can do justice to the vistas. You must see it to believe it. As soon as it stops snowing, we need to!

MontanAAAHHH is where folks come to relax, recharge, and retreat. You know you are in MontanAAAHHH when you don’t want to be anywhere else.

MontanAAAHHH, the Last Best Place!

MontanAAAHHH Grant

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