What the Heck? (by Montana Grant)
By angelamontana

Posted: April 6, 2018

I read the other day that the outdoor population of Southwest Montana are responsible for the most violations of outdoor laws! Hunting, boating, and fishing violations are varied, abundant, and important. Honest Sportsmen are embarrassed by the thoughtless, dishonest, and disrespectful choices these violators are making.

Part of that may be due to a larger and growing population. The SW area is abundant with resources, access, and people. The area is also better patrolled and managed. The violations range from not having permits and licenses, to poaching, to trespassing.

Greed is about getting something for nothing. These losers are too cheap to contribute their part but feel entitled to whatever they feel like. This mentality is way to common throughout our society.

Outdoor recreation is a privilege, not a gift. License fees, permits, stamps, and taxes are our admission fees. These funds manage, maintain, and protect these public places for all. These protections are important and required.

We advocate that outdoor recreation is about rules, regulations, limits, safety, and sport. These are perfect expectations that future generations need to honor, respect, and embrace. In this way, the future of outdoor regulations will remain open and welcoming.

Poachers, trespassers, and law breakers are simply THIEVES! They are stealing what is not theirs. These criminals embarrass the honorable and honest sportsmen. We all need to do our part to monitor and enforce Montana’s outdoor laws.

Cell phones are a great way to communicate and photograph these outdoor thieves in the act. A quick photo of a vehicle tag, area, or other evidence will help eliminate these outlaws from our wild places. Also know the rules. Each year a new regulation booklet comes out. It is rather complicated, so be diligent and review the legal rules. Pay special attention to the new or changed rules.

Special cell phone apps and maps are helpful to discover and explore new areas. Knowing property lines is a huge advantage. Montana is a huge state but there are areas that are private. These land owners are becoming more aggressive with enforcement. If many of the wealthy had their way, no streams, rivers, forests, or fields would be available to the average public hunter. Each time there is a violation, these selfish landowners become more protective over their property. They also have the political and fiscal resources to change laws to their benefit.

Don’t fuel the fire! Sportsmen need to set the example and mentor the next generations to do the same. Teaching others the rules and ropes about the best and most honest way to celebrate our outdoor heritage is imperative.

The future of Montana Sportsmen is in our hands!

Montana Grant

For more Montana Grant, visit his blog at www.montanagrantfishing.com.

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