By Montana Grant

Posted: May 31, 2018

Hallelujah, there could be a new non-dairy alternative available. Cockroach Milk could be a viable alternative.

A nutritional analysis of a milk like substance secreted by female cockroaches, to feed their young, was found to be one of the most nutritional substances on our planet!

Currently, Buffalo Milk holds the number one spot for most nutritional mammal milk. There are 3 times more calories in cockroach milk than Buffalo milk! Oh Yummy!

The Cockroach Milk is not really a “milk”. It also contains amino acids and high levels of protein. It could be valuable to humans with dairy allergies, vegans, or folks that want to enjoy an environmentally friendly health food.

Before you run to the store to load up on this nutritional treat, hold your horses. Testing still needs to be done to make sure this substance is safe for human consumption. It will also a challenge to produce the product. Milking cockroaches has never been done for mass production. It will take a herd of cockroaches to feed a village.

There is truly a need for milk substitutes and research is needed. This special milk could be pricey. We are not sure how to milk cockroaches. Some Asian cockroaches are huge but… Cockroaches are resilient creatures. If we had a nuclear holocaust, cockroaches would inherit the earth. This kind of superhuman survival could be beneficial to humans in the future. There are certainly gross and unique ingredients in many other foods that humans enjoy.

America consumes less insect products than any other culture. Cockroach milk could be the first step. Maybe Cockroach Quik could add some chocolate or strawberry flavoring to it. Bug juice will certainly take on a new meaning!


 Montana Grant

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