“I DO!!!”
By Montana Grant

Posted: May 12, 2018

Where did you ask your special someone to marry you? Everyone has their own idea of the most romantic place and way to pop the big question. Sometimes, outdoorsmen think out of the box. Here are few thoughts.

Many years ago, I asked Mrs. Montana to take a hike! We had dated for a few years and it seemed to be the right time, but the place needed to be special. As a fisherman, hunter, and outdoorsman, that meant something outside and different. Much of our dating involved fishing at ponds, from boats, crabbing, camping and hiking. Mrs. Montana celebrated it all as we trooped around.

On one special day I took her to the Catoctin Mountains and hiked her up to the famous Chimney Rock. The 3-4-mile uphill hike would surely be a test of our relationship. My pack held some wine, bread, and cheese for the end of the trail. After walking out onto the rock outcropping, we had to jump over a deep chasm to sit on the very tip of Chimney Rock. The view was amazing, and we were both inspired to say, “I Do”. It has stuck for almost 40 years!

I wanted to get married in a trout stream wearing waders, but marriage is about sharing and compromise. Maybe if we renew our marriage one day.

Other friends have said “I DO” on top of volcanoes, towers, or varied public and private venues. Montana is full of great places to pop the question.

What about;

Old Faithful just as it erupts?

On top of a mountain ridge on horseback?

Gunwale to gunwale in kayaks drifting down the Gallatin River?

On top of Sac Peak overlooking the Gallatin Valley?

In a hot air balloon floating over Big Sky Country?

In a natural hot spring in Montana’s wilderness?

From a waterfowl blind along a great Montana wetland?

Gold panning along a Montana waterway and panning up a ring?

There are so many great ideas to chose from in Big Sky Country. Be creative, special, and plan something different. It will test your resolve and create a priceless memory. Make you partner earn it!

I will!

Montana Grant

For more Montana Grant, visit his website at www.montanagrantfishing.com.

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