By Montana Grant

Posted: May 6, 2018

ROD HOLDER is the new style! Anglers love having their pictures taken. We all have volumes of pictures with this big fish or that. Ironically, we also know where every fish was caught, on what fly or bait, how it fought, and the whole story about it. If you ask us about some dinner date or wedding story, we probably won’t have a clue.

Taking great fish pictures is not that easy. It is important to be creative and unique. There are only so many ways to look at a fish. First there is the stringer full of fish held high, then the belly balance fish with our hats pushed back. The extended hold the fish toward the camera is way popular. This makes the fish look even bigger.

When the pictures are being taken, the rod just gets in the way. Some anglers drop their expensive gear into the river. Now the rod is full of grit, may rust, and at least will not help the reel performance.

Biting the rod is another way to deal with the rod while holding your catch and smiling. This keeps your rod dry, except for the slobber. God only knows what germs and cooties may be on the handle, but that’s just fishing.

 “Say Cheese, and Release Please!” Consider that the landed, netted, fish has just fought their heart out for 2-4 minutes. Lactic acid has built up in their muscles, breathing is tough, and your hand is now holding their jaw or wrapped around their belly, while you hold them out of the water. Your partner is searching for their cell phone that is stored in a plastic waterproof bag shoved into a zippered and Velcro sealed vest pocket. Keep the fish in the water and let the fish swim from your hand when they are resuscitated. The net, and hands should be wet as well. Time means life for the fish.

The Over the Shoulder Rod Holder style works well. This creative trick protects your gear, looks cool, and is a fast and easy way to say cheese. Plan your pictures before you need to take a photo. Remember, time is essential if the released fish is going to survive. If you plan to kill and eat the fish, kill the fish immediately and take all the pictures you want.

Oh, and don’t forget to SMILE! Catching a great fish is great FUN!

Montana Grant

For more Montana Grant, visit his blog at www.montanagrantfishing.com.

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