WD-40, Sportsman’s Friend!
By Montana Grant

Posted: May 10, 2018

Every sportsman needs gear and accessories that help us succeed. WD-40 is a great product that should be in every Sportsman’s gear bag. This lubricant and cleaner has been around for years and is still a great tool. Here are some ways to utilize this great product.

Polish the spinner blades in your tackle box with this cleaner. Silver and gold blades will shine after a little shiny love. Simply spray the tarnish and dullness away.

Clean your shoes, gear, and equipment with WD-40. It works best with fabric material and tents, covers, and raingear. Not only will it clean dirty spots, it will waterproof the fabric.

Clean your RV and Camp toilets faster and quicker with this product. It will also keep them cleaner longer.

WD-40 will remove pine tar and gum off surfaces easily.

Removes crayons off walls.

Spray onto optics surfaces to clean and prevent fog or icing.

Removes water stains.

Polish and clean fly tying scissors and forceps.

Removes old stickers and decals of vehicles.

Unsticks zippers.

Removes tea and coffee stains from tables and surfaces.

Removes tar off rigs.

Perfect to loosen tight screws.

Opens rusty locks.

Cleans and lubricates fishing reels. Cleans and protects rods.

Removes mildew from tents and surfaces.

Filters dust in ac units and heaters. Spray oil onto the filter fabric and notice the difference.

WD-40 has many uses and purposes. It needs to be right next to the Duct Tape in our tool boxes!

Montana Grant

For more Montana grant, visit his blog at www.montanagrantfishing.com.

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